Sunday, July 11, 2010

Right Wing News (politics)



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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Your number one source for conservative news, views, and interviews. "Kneecapping Barack Obama at every opportunity."

MY REVIEW: I give this blog a yes because it has entries every day and there are no Kindle formatting issues - all text is transferred over.

Having said that, I'm not too thrilled with this blog. The sarcasm quotient is off the charts. There are several writers, and each one indulges in it. I've yet to see a post that presents the issues clearly and plainly without a few partisan shots, and it gets annoying after a while. Yes, Limbaugh does it too, so does Glenn Beck, but with this blog its just constant and never-ending.

If you can get past the constant sarcasm, the posts are of interest.

Once in a while a YouTube video is linked, which of course Kindle users can't see, but this is only one blog out of every 10 or so, not really a concern.

--SusanAnne Hiller Why Didn’t the Democrats Take a Vote on Deficit-Neutral Unemployment Bill?
--Donald Douglas Hot Sunday Blogging!
--William Teach Uh Oh: NY Times Shows Their Disdain For The 2nd Amendment
--Lori Ziganto Levi Johnston, The Liar: Are His 15 Minutes of Fame Finally Up?
--Donald Douglas More Lego Blogging!
--TrogloPundit See? The president is cutting the deficit!

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