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A-Z of Senior Care

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle



WEB ADDRESS: http://comforthands.net/blog/

BLOG DESCRIPTION: Should your loved one move to a nursing home or assisted living facility? How do you find a competent caregiver? How to balance life and work while taking care of your loved one. From Alzheimer's (AD) to Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome (ZES), you will find everything you need to know about caring for your elderly parent.


--Celebrating the Holidays Can Be Difficult When You Are the Primary Caregiver --Caregiver: If You Don’t Take Care of Yourself, Who Will? --Skilled Nursing VS a Standard Nursing Home – How to Decide --“Please Son, I Want to Go Home!” --“I’m Not Moving in With a Bunch of Old People!” Part 2 of 2

Reviews published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Baseball Blogs: Bleed Cubbie Blue


MY RECOMMENDATION: Yes, wth reservations


WEB ADDRESS: http://www.bleedcubbieblue.com/

BLOG DESCRIPTION: This blog is dedicated to the Chicago Cubs fan community and features game recaps, bleacher reconstruction news, and book reviews. All sides of being a Cubs fan are covered in this informative site.

MY REVIEW: There is such a wealth of information fed by this blog to your Kindle, that at a cost of 99 cents a month to have it delivered, it's not a bad deal, especially if you're a diehard Chicago Cubs fan.

Unfortunately, like most of the SportsBlog Nation blogs, many of the features available on the website aren't available on the Kindle. There's videos, audio, and probably even game threads that you won't see unless you actually visit this blog web's page.

However, I frankly anticipate that once the season actually begins and the posts really start coming, they'll mostly be text-based, and Kindle users will be able to enjoy having the articles delivered directly to their Kindle.

-Kung Fu Panda Slams Z: Giants Beat Cubs 5-1
-First Pitch Thread: Cubs vs Giants, Wednesday 3/10 (gamethread, unreadable on Kindle)
-What Will We See on Opening DAy? Cubs vs Giants at Mesa Preview, Wednesday 3/10
-2010 BCB Community Projections: Starting Position Players (Corrected)
Parker Lets Inglett Park One: 9th inning HR leads Brewers over Cubs, 5-3

Friday, March 29, 2013

Take your blood pressure medication!

Spent most of yesterday in the hospital, where my mother was admitted. Her doctor had changed her blood pressure medication a couple of weeks ago, it wasn't doing the job. Unfortunately her doctor was out of town and a home therapist said we should take her to the Emergency Room.

Bad idea, as far as I'm concerned. Put her back on her old medication which was working, just causing her to cough.

Instead we brought her to the emergency room, and since she's old and deaf, this got her more stressed out and scared than ever, because they were all gathered around her shouting questions and wanting to run tests and I'm sure she thought she was dying or something, which sent her blood pressure even higher.

She spent the night there, and is still in today for more tests, which I don't think she needs but I guess since they've got her in there they want to get their money's worth out of our insurance...  she's in a private room which must be costing a fortune....

The reason for my headline... she was about 40 when she was first diagnosed with high blood pressure...took pills for a couple of days but didn't like how they made her feel....so she stopped taking them and tried to do the "natural remedy" thing.

Result, 20 years later she had congestive heart failure, and now instead of taking 1 pill a day she has to take 4. And has to go into the hospital periodically on occasions like these.

Moral of the story - go get your blood pressure checked, and if you have high blood pressure make sure you take your meds, otherwise believe me you'll wish you had, when it is too late...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ground Report - International Politics




WEB ADDRESS: http://www.groundreport.com/

BLOG DESCRIPTION: Global news reporting and opinion from eyewitnesses.

MY REVIEW: I'm not quite sure about this blog. Let's just say it has political views I disagree with. (I'm all for the ban on burkas, and I wish a ban on the Muslim religion was not far behind. And I seriously doubt if Pat Tillman was murdered because he was about to become an anti-war icon!)

So...check it out for yourself. Several writers contribute to the blog, from around the world, from their own viewpoint.

Sample post:
Is Europe reverting to Religious Witch Hunting?
by SamRatan1 May 23, 2010

Hardly a day goes by without news about the restrictions that European countries have been introducing on Muslim proponents, much of which appears to touch upon a sign of visible expression of faith as is the case with the Burqa, a female full body veil that can make a woman literally invisible. The Belgian government has now made it unlawful for women to be veiled in public places. France, a leading light in the secular democratic world, has prohibited the use of veils in public places. The Swiss population in a majority vote has banned minarets; A mosque yes, but no minarets may be built in Switzerland. And some politicians want to introduce a general Burqa ban, though Swiss hotels, banks and other businesses that profit from these customers prefer not to proscribe such dresses; Understandably, considering their dependence on such customers.

Looking at the practical aspects of being confronted with someone who is masked makes it impossible to identify the person in question. Recently, a local flight in India made a priority landing because a fully veiled passenger, who could not be identified, refused to lift her veil for identification. Some countries have implemented legislation prohibiting the use of masks in public places, this as a form of protection, when identifying people by law enforcement agencies. Some put up the argument that the woman has the right to decide whether she wants to be veiled, others say that the veil is not a religious requirement and is the right of the woman in deciding to wear one or not.

Today this appears to have seriously cut into the freedom of religion enshrined in democratic governments. We need to recall that women have been veiled for ages both for religious and other secular reasons such as fashion or plain protection from the elements.

We seem to be attempting to tackle a problem in dealing with symptoms that have far reaching implications in a secular world. In looking for a panacea for many of our questions, we seek answers in the metaphysics of religious justification for the present and future expectations. Our yearning for paradise has not diminished and religion has been able to offer answers that science has yet been unable to do, albeit answers that merely promise rewards with no proof.

Oil and water do not mix and attempts to find commonality between common concepts of universal law and religious tenets of right and wrong have been not successful. Every attempt at a common civil code that is universal and acceptable has not been successful, where religion is relegated to the private arena of one’s beliefs. This is like asking someone to be a KKK member in private (if that is the person’s choice) but at the same time swear allegiance to the US Constitution in public. Politics cannot be yet bereft from religious faith and here lies the conundrum.

Without going into the discordant and disparate notes that major monotheistic religions have evoked and the continuous attempts to interpret these in varying contexts, it appears to be an impossible task to reconcile these to come to a common and universal agreement. The deliberations of many learned men and women have brought us no closer to what can be perceived as common and universal understanding of what is acceptable. Are we doomed to continue to perish at the religious battlefields that have torn man asunder, or does the answer lie in a complete disavowal of religion?

--"Greening" Fisheries Could Calm Troubled Waters
--Is Europe reverting to Religious Witch Hunting?
--EPA Officials Weigh Sanctions Against...
--Furnished Summer Sublet in NYC's West...
--Florida Regulators Stop Admissions to...
--NFL Star Pat Tillman, Anti-War American Hero…Was EXECUTED! 3 M-16 Shots To His Face….VIDEO
--Ecotech Institute Launches as First a...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Never get involved in a land war in Asia

and never agree to transcribe 20 hours of meetings from an Australian business meeting.

That's what I've been doing for the last 4 days...utter nightmare. Could NOT understand their accents. Making it worse were the bad audio levels and the fact that a lot of the people preesnt insisted on talking over each other from all around the room except in front of the microphone... I will never transcribe ANYTHING every again.

Anyway, so sorry to be MIA from my blogs.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Celebrity Psychings



AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: Celebrity Psychings, by Alicia Sparks

WEB ADDRESS: http://blogs.psychcentral.com/celebrity/

BLOG DESCRIPTION: Celebrity Psychings examines the world of mental health through the eyes of celebrities. You see, celebrities are people, just like us. They have mental health issues, just like us. And they suffer the ridicule mental health stigma carries – just like us. However, unlike most of us, celebrities are better situated to really bring to light important issues. Updated regularly by Alicia Sparks.

MY REVIEW: Celebrities may have mental health issues just like us...I'd say they have more problems, because they are never-endingly in the spotlight. Female actresses develop eating disorders and obsessions with facelifts, and know that no matter what they do, someone is going to criticize them simultaneously for being too fat or too thin, too old (at 40!) and so on. I'd say male actors have it a helluva lot easier, but even they can have issues, over and above just what the ills that flesh (and mind) are heir to.

So this is a really interesting blog about psychology, and I'd think it'd be of interest to everybody. There's no salaciousness, no delight in the pain and agony of people with "too much money," just honest insight into people's problems.

Sample post
When We’d Show Mel Gibson Compassion, Not Contempt
By Alicia Sparks

After some of the more stigmatizing comments (“dangerous lunatic,” anyone?) that’ve been made regarding Mel Gibson’s recent behavior and maybe/maybe not mental illness, I thought it’d be nice to share some perspective from someone who clearly grasps the importance of sitting down and really thinking about what you’re going to say before you’re going to say it – and why you’re going to say it in the first place.

The person I’m talking about is Marie R., who is for all intents and purposes an anonymous reader and commenter who used a recent Entertainment Weekly update to share her thoughts on Mel Gibson’s behavior and our reactions:

You aren’t far off. I truly believe he has been mentally ill his entire adult life, probably had at least some treatment to control his symptoms, bipolar most likely, & some other borderline personality disorders, but that as he has gotten older, & I’ve had some personal experience with this, people begin to disintegrate, especially if their treatment isn’t consistent & medications retooled over the years as needed. He seems to be self-medicating now which can be nothing but bad. Also, if anyone here knows about what was going on with Rita Hayworth in her later years, just before they finally figured out she had Alzheimer’s, she was drinking heavily, prone to fits of rage, breaking things, etc., sounds a lot like what’s going on with Mel. I don’t know, not a shrink or a neurologist, but he surely needs one or both now, for himself & his children. They must be humiliated & scared at this point. Mel needs a PET scan, pronto. And if I’m off the mark then he needs to go to jail, but my money’s on mental illness, or something even worse that cannot be fixed. And if that’s the case, he deserves our compassion, not our contempt.

I suppose the reason I’m sharing this comment is to point to an example of calm contemplation in this whirlwind of outrage and shun. It is possible to pause for a minute and think about the situation – think about why Mel Gibson (and anyone else, for that matter) has done these things.

The verbal abuse and threats were bad, yes. The physical violence was bad, too (if there was any – there’s now speculation as to whether Gibson actually hit Oksana Grigorieva in the mouth, as she claimed, or if that all plays into the extortion theory).

But even amidst all that, it is possible to eventually set aside the inevitable shock and confusion and anger and evaluate the situation.

If indeed Mel Gibson is suffering from untreated mental illness, which would be better: Hoping he seeks (and benefits from) professional help, or writing him off as a lunatic lost cause?

If it were you, how would you hope your family and friends would react?

--Using Theater to Challenge Preconceptions of Mental Illness
--Finding the Value in Celebrity Psychiatrists
--When We'd Show Mel Gibson Compassion, Not Contempt
--Ryan Bingham: Sadness, Happiness, and Songwriting as Therapy
--Mel Gibson Might Have Toppled Over the Edge of Darkness
--Does Crystal Bowersox's New Smile Mean New Confidence?
--Ron Artest Thanks Psychiatrist After Lakers Take NBA Championship
--Are Psychiatrists Better Off Behind the Scenes?
--Cut Yourself Some Slack: Lessons From Jewel
--Get Reacquainted With Megan Jackson and EmsCharityKiss

Ms. Cairo writes several blogs including:
Seaborn: Oceanography Blog
Star Trek Report: Space Sciences
Topical Murder and Dated Death

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Northwest Progressive Institute Advocate



AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: Northwest Progressive Institute Advocate, by Northwest Progressive Institute Advocate

WEB ADDRESS: http://www.nwprogressive.org/weblog/

BLOG DESCRIPTION: Offering daily news and analysis from the Evergreen State and beyond. The Advocate is NPI's unique perspective on world, national, and local politics.

That's the description at Amazon. At the blog itself: Read a Pacific Northwest, liberal perspective on world, national, and local politics. From majestic Redmond, Washington - the Northwest Progressive Institute Advocate.

MY REVIEW: Since I'm a Republican and not a Liberal, obviously I"m diametrically opposed to much of the material on display here. Also, I don't live in Washington state so I don't recognize a lot of the references. However, if you're a Liberal or a Washington Statonian, you'll probably find this blog of great interest.

Sample post:
Dave Reichert, fake environmentalist
Over the last few years, the fine people over at The Seattle Times have scarcely missed an opportunity to try to con Washingtonians (and especially residents of the Eastside) into believing that Republican Dave Reichert is an independent minded guy who thinks for himself and doesn't take marching orders from party bosses.

As readers of The Advocate know, Dave Reichert has a habit of being a lot more honest. At least, when he thinks he's in front of a friendly audience. Nearly four years ago, when Republicans were still in power, Reichert spoke to the Mainstream Republicans at their Cascade Conference, and recounted what he had told a conservative voter who was thinking of voting for the Libertarian candidate:

I wanted to… I wanted to explain to this person how things work a little bit back in Washington D.C. and why certain votes have to be taken.

Sometimes the leadership comes to me and says, Dave, we want you to vote a certain way. Now, they know I can do that over here, that I have to do that over here. In other districts, that's not a problem, but here I have to be able to be very flexible in where I place my votes.
Yes, very flexible.

And so, when the leadership comes to me and says Dave, we need you to take a vote over here because we want to protect you and keep this majority, I... I do it.
You see, it's all about strategy.

I know that the leadership is already planning to protect me… right? They’re going to develop a bill that increases money for education that I can vote on later, and I can come back and say, "I do support teachers." Now, that’s kind of… I mean, that’s the everyday strategic kind of battle that you… that you play out, that plays out, back in Washington, D.C.
I know the leadership is already planning to protect me... wow, that sure sounds like a guy who thinks for himself!

As funny as it was at the time to discover that Reichert didn't know better than not to say such things, it's even more amusing to see that he hasn't learned his lesson. At a recent Republican gathering, Reichert tried to go "off the record" in a roomful of precinct committee officers to explain why he publicly purports to be in favor of environmental protection. Unbeknownst to him, somebody in the room was recording him using a smartphone audio microphone, and that somebody turned over the audio to David Goldstein, who didn't hesitate to transcribe the best parts.

In the clip, Reichert begins his off-the-record chat by asking:

Now, first of all, are there any reporters in the room? Does anybody recognize… are there any people in here that you recognize as strangers? So we know that all of us in here are family, right?
Evidently not.

Uh, I just wanted to be honest with you. You know Jennifer Dunn was an environmentalist, uh, in her votes, too. Uh, she was also pro-choice. I don’t know if most of you remember that now. But, but, if you want to hold on to this district, there are certain, there are certain things that you must, uh, do. This is a 50/50 district.
There are certain things you must do… like pretend to be an environmentalist. With the blessing of Republican Party leadership, who don't want to lose a key suburban district, one of the few blue districts to still be represented by an R.

I only have two to three percent to play with, every two years, and I have to raise three to four million dollars to stay in, to do it. I am a 90/10. 90 to 10, if you look at my votes. All the TARP votes are no, all the stimulus package votes are no, the health care I’ve been no all three times.
In four sentences, Reichert has managed to thoroughly vindicate every critical analysis we've offered of his voting record during the past five years.

The Sheriff goes on to explain that the whole point of embracing wilderness conservation is to neutralize Washington's environmental movement.

Wild Sky was a done deal. It was already in its process. It had been worked on for eight years before I even came to Congress. Jennifer Dunn endorsed Wild Sky, and I followed in her footsteps per her advice.

[...] So, uh, you know, it, it, it, was it was a good vote. It was a good move on my part to do that. … Because I’ve only, I’ve, supported Wild Sky, I’ve supported Alpine Lakes, because of the reasons that I just laid out to you. They are… what I’ve done is taken out I’ve taken them out of the game in this district. They’re out.
And by they, Reichert was no doubt thinking of the Washington Conservation Voters board members who recently co-hosted a fundraiser for his reelection campaign. Reichert's got them on his side, even though the League of Conservation Voters (the national equivalent of WCV) gave Reichert a D on its most recent report card. Last time I checked, a D was a failing grade.

But for some reason, a few influential environmental leaders have convinced themselves that they and their organizations can't appear to be aligned exclusively with one party, so they've chosen to embrace what they consider to be the best of the Republican incumbents. They're allowing themselves to be played.

If Republicans are correct, this is going to be a very tough year for Democratic incumbents. If we're correct, it's going to be tough going for incumbents from both parties (though not in all cases).

Considering that Republicans are in the minority and have fewer incumbents to defend, the environmental community would do well to invest as heavily as it can in Democratic challengers who have the best chance of taking out Republican incumbents, so that Republicans are forced to play more defense and can't go on offense as much. It's good strategy. Let's face it: nothing about the Republican Party is remotely progressive anymore. Republicans have to answer to their rabid right wing base. That's what Dave Reichert was doing when he was caught on tape.

If Republicans take back control of Congress, the environment will be threatened even more than it already is.

Why should Washington Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club's Cascade Chapter, or any other local environmental organization settle for Dave Reichert when they can have Suzan DelBene? DelBene happens to actually believe in environmental protection because protection is part of her moral system. She's authentic.

Dave Reichert is not authentic. Dave Reichert — the politician — is a fake. He's not who he appears to be. He doesn't think for himself. He's admitted when cameras were rolling that he does what he's told; that's what he's best at. He is fortunate to have a great staff and a newspaper publisher working on his behalf to make sure his unintentional honesty doesn't do him any damage.

If Reichert were an independent thinker, his record and his own behind closed doors conversation with party faithful wouldn't contradict what he told a room full of Washingtonians in town for Barack Obama's inauguration in January 2009: that he was "on board" with the President's new direction for the country.

I was one of the people in that room, and though I attempted to give Reichert the benefit of the doubt when I wrote up what he said (I was in a very forgiving mood at the time) I didn't seriously expect that Reichert would back up his words with action. It didn't take long for my suspicion to be confirmed.

Since Dave Reichert is only honest in front of Republicans, it'll probably be up to Suzan DelBene's campaign to enlighten the rest of his constituents that Reichert votes in lockstep with Republican leadership ninety percent of the time... by his own reckoning! … and that his efforts to protect the Alpine Lakes and Pratt River Valley are just a facade to keep environmental groups "out of the game".

--FCC gives Verizon the all-clear to exit Washington State, transfer lines to Frontier
--U.S. Senate passes Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
--Dave Reichert, fake environmentalist
--Effort to create high-earners income tax finally gets airborne as Initiative 1098
--Memo to Tim Eyman: Ballot title changes to I-1098 don't hurt the measure's chances

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Never realized I hadn't posted in over 2 weeks!

Sorry, folks

Things have just gotten away from me the last week and a half...posting should be back on schedule starting this weekend.

Thursday, January 10, 2013





WEB ADDRESS: hoofprints.typepad.com

BLOG DESCRIPTION: Get a horse fix on your Kindle! For horse lovers and horse owners alike. Hoofprints will take you to the real world of horses, their people and their dreams!

MY REVIEW: A blog that covers everything horse related from feeding horses to handling manure to exercising to local politics concerning stables to equine health and more. One of the more interesting features is following the release of the blogger's first book, a teen horse novel, titled, Winning Bet. The blog is interesting, informational, and personal.

It is well written with pictures in most posts. It does suffer from my usual complaint infrequent and inconsistent postings. Sometimes she posts two days in succession, sometimes it will be a week between posts or more. I feel certain her readers would be happy with more.


  • Horse operations : Agriculture?
  • Fencing Francas - Tips for Sanity
  • Clipping your cool
  • Stable Land use rules: We're back.
  • Manure happens . . . and it's good stuff

Ann Currie publishes My Life a Bit South of Normalwww.abitsouthofnormal.com/
and also, Silver Pieces: The Strange and Peculiarstrangeandpeculiarsilver.blogspot.com/

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Flash Free (women's health)




WEB ADDRESS: http://flashfree.wordpress.com/

BLOG DESCRIPTION: An organic, fresh, informative, hip and humorous overview of evidence-based alternative approaches to menopause and the transition to midlife.

MY REVIEW: A blog that covers complimentary/interpretive medicine dealing with menopause. She has recently added a doctor as a guest contributor. Her posts cover new studies related to women's health, nutrition, interviews, and other topics - all geared toward that mid-life transition we all face. Her posts are thorough with many links to past posts and outside sources and a helpful review of all the posts at the end of each month. She posts often, several times a week.

It is well written, however, I didn't see the "hip or humorous" part but that may be up to each reader. It's an informative blog on an important subject. For those interested in this topic, this is a good blog.

Wednesday’s Bubble: easy does it with Chamomile
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
Osteoporosis: what’s the 411?
Wednesday’s Bubble: another nail in the coffin of HRT
West meets East, Guest Post Jonathan Black MD/MPH Student
Ann Currie publishes My Life a Bit South of Normalwww.abitsouthofnormal.com/
and also,
Silver Pieces: The Strange and Peculiarstrangeandpeculiarsilver.blogspot.com/