Saturday, July 17, 2010

440 Blogs Reviewed Here to Date!

Since I began the Kindle Blog Report several months ago, I (and my other reviewer, Ann Currie) have reviewed 440 blogs (this doesn't count the Retro Reviews, of course, which are repeats of blogs already reviewed, from the very beginning of this blog's existence.

I'm busy updating my external website with an index of all the blog I wish I'd followed through on my plan to update it every week, as now I've got several months worth of reviews to transfer!

I've also transferred the titles of all the blogs I've reviewed into a spreadsheet, so I can start doing something I'd always planned to do, which was have "Summary Saturdays" and "Summary Sundays" when I'd provide a list of all the blogs I'd reviewed in a certain subject, like aviation, baseball, science, politics, travel, humor.

I'm also working on my first book review, which I intend to have ready here tomorrow.

So today is a day of work offline, so that this blog review blog returns tomorrow bigger, bolder and brigher!

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