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A Dusty Cottage (Lifestyle and culture)





BLOG DESCRIPTION: Happenings from daily living in the country. What we do, what we see. Sometimes interesting, sometimes funny and sometimes sad but join me and I will share.

MY REVIEW: I think a lot of people will enjoy this blog. Mostly women then men, but everyone who enjoys reading about gardening, exercising, the "golden years" and so on, will enjoy it.

The author writes well, has a sense of humor, and has cats. What could be better?

Sample post:
How does my Garden Grow ? [I don't include the photos from the entry]
Hello ! Thought I would show you how my herbs are doing. I have Rosemary, Sage, Oregano,and Mint. It alway smells so good and I love to go pick some and add to my meals. Then it really smells good especially in the kitchen. Believe it or not I have a mini Rosebush behind the Rosemary. You can't see it so it definately not the place for it. So Jim is going to replant it on the other side of the house. The Roses on it are so tiny and beautiful I want it out to enjoy. Do wish the kindle was in color just so you could see how green the plants are. The other side of the house we have a small garden which I have cherry tomato, beefstake tomatoes and squash growing together then we have our berries which are wild. Rasberries that is. I can hardly wait for them to become ripe. A lady at the swim class I take, Colleen told me about growing blackberries. She said she bought 3 at Lowe's, you buy them in the winter time, plant them and it usually takes a few years to get a good amount. Colleen has had hers three years and she says they are doing very good and she even got quite a lot on the second year. I will get me some plants this fall for sure.

Oh must tell you about the book I finished a few days ago. It's call Tuscan Holiday by Holly Chamberlin. It was one of the best reads I have had in a long time. If you have a daughter you'll understand, she is self centered and everything is for me,me,me. You have to feel for the Mom as she struggles to remain calm and handles everything with class. It was great as they talked a lot about Italy, the towns, especially the cafe's and notable spots. Although I have never been I feel like I was able to enjoy the magic and romance of Italy. Read it, I'm sure you will enjoy it, plus it's one of our free books.

I think I am also going to be buying (don't faint) "The girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson. I have read some reviews and it look pretty good plus I like it that it's one of three. If it's a good book I never want it to end so with three that would be great. I'll let you know. Good health, Healthy food and all that. Tootles

--Thank God, it's only 95' and An Angel in my Garden...
--Eleanor and Elviria
--Hello and Welcome !
--How Does My Garden Grow

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