Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BCNN (Black Christian News Network)





BLOG DESCRIPTION: BCNN1 is dedicated to reporting breaking news from a black, Christian perspective.

The mission of BCNN1 is to: Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people of African descent and whosoever will. Inspire people with Christian books and materials. Educate people with the news of the world. Inform people with stories that impact their lives.

Our Motto: "For Praying, Thinking and Doing Christians"

MY REVIEW: BCNN is a series of websites - with breaking news videos, a Christian magazine, news from Africa with a Christian perspective, news from the Caribbean with a Christian perspective, news from the Latino community with a Christian perspective, and a digital radio station with Bible teachings and Christian music.

The news in the blog is not exclusively for African Americans, although they do have an emphasis on it, but news of interest to all Christians is included. The articles aren't afraid to be critical of President Obama whom the authors feel is going to far to embrace Islam, and they don't appreciate his stand on abortion. (Which is Obama's stand on allowing abortion is the only thing I like about him!)

Anyway, this blog is of interest to all Christians, not just African American Christians. Highly recommended.

--Famed Gospel Artist, Walter Hawkins, Goes Home to be With the Lord at 61
--Black Congregation in Houston Has Church Burned, a Pastor Who Killed his wife, and infighting
--Ministers Encourage Church Members to Tithe, Even n Recessoin
--Rev Sheila Schuller Says Evangelist Robert H. Schuller is not Retiring
--Chaplain Who Prayed In Jesus' Name and Was Fired Demands Apology
--7 OUt of 10 Christian Households Eliminate Debt and Avoid Debt
--Atlanta Police Work Hard to Rid the City of the Sex Trade

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