Friday, July 30, 2010

Never Pay Retail Again (Finances)


MY RECOMMENDATION: YES, with Reservations

AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: Never Pay Retail Again, by Jodi Furman


BLOG DESCRIPTION: Recently profiled in an Associated Press article and a contributor to CNN, Jodi Furman explains clearly how to live the champagne life on a tap water budget. A working mom with 3 kids, Jodi provides pragmatic and time tested advice-- no toilet paper splitting or clothing woven from dryer lint, just dollars and sense.

Never Pay Retail Again ( is one of the leading places on the web to get information about:

-surviving, even thriving(!) in this economy
-shopping strategically for everything, teaches you how to easily shave more than half off of your grocery bills and up to 80% off your clothing and household goods bills
-how to find, organize and utilize coupons
-find great deals and steals, both online and in store
-find new online codes and printable coupons for your favorite stores and items on a daily basis
-recipes for good, cheap, fast and *healthy* meals
-find practical advice from an Ivy League educated, MBA-wielding frugalista

MY REVIEW: This is a blog that gets multiple posts a day, and offers coupons and various great deals on a wide variety of products. However -- you have to go to the website to print out the coupons.

So, if you like - and this blog certainly seems to be selling well on the Kindle - subscribe to it, check it at various times through the day, and see if there are any coupons or offers you like. If you see one, then you go to the web and print out the coupon.

Check it out.

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