Monday, July 19, 2010

Read blogs on your kindle!

Note to my Kindle subscribers, I'm writing this as a press release for Digg. I know you already subscribe to blogs on your Kindle!

Amazon recently dropped the price of the Kindle down to $187, to compete with other e-readers. Why continue to buy the Kindle? Well, now its at a competivie price and you can buy books - and blogs - right from Amazon.

Why subscribe to blogs, when it will cost you $1.99 a month, and you can rea them on the web for free?

Well, what is $1.99 a month. The cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Big whoop.

What do you get? Blogs delivered right to your kindle. You can take the Kindle wiht you anywhere, settle down and read your blogs or a book. No need for your computer. If you read a blog that is only updated once a week or so, but you don't know when, it saves a lot of time to just subscribe to it via Kindle,then you know you'll never miss an issue.

Sure, there are some drawbacks. You can't view embedded videos on the Kindle, and photos show up in grayscale rather than in color, but those are only two minor problems compared with the freedom of reaing them on a Kindle.

In addition, you have this great blog - the Kindle Blog Report - that tells you what sorts of blogs are out there an gives reviews of them. So you're covered.

Buy a Kindle, and start dipping into the blogosphere today.

(Oh, and read books on your Kindle, too. You can get thousands of dollars worth of free books - all in the public domain. It's great. Plus new books too, of course.

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