Sunday, July 4, 2010

Seaborn (oceanography)


MY RECOMMENDATION: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes

AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: Seaborn, by Volcano Seven


BLOG DESCRIPTION: A daily oceanograph blogzine, featuring a terminology/vocabulary builder, a history of oceanography, and news of oceanography today. Designed to introduce kids and adults to the wonders of oceanography

MY REVIEW: This is one of my blogs, so of course I heartily recommend it! Its focus is oceanography - we've only got one planet, and 3/4ths of it is covered with water. Yet we know more about the dark side of the moon than we do about what lies in the oceans.

You'll learn vocabulary, there's an Islands of the World feature (currently working its way around the islands surrounding Florida, before eventually heading southward...) and of course oceanography news - from the spill in the Gulf to the efforts to stop whaling to the search for underwater treasure.

--Underwater Sponges And Worms May Hold Key To Cure ...
--U.S. accepting international help with Gulf oil sp...
--Laws keep skimmers away from Gulf
--Islands of the World #13: Estero Island (Florida)

Ms. Cairo writes several blogs including:
Seaborn: Oceanography Blog
Star Trek Report: Space Sciences
Topical Murder and Dated Death

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