Friday, July 2, 2010

National Park-to-Park Highway Tour 2010 (US Travel)



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BLOG DESCRIPTION: This year, we've decided to recreate the 1920's AAA National Park-to-Park Highway Tour. We got the idea after seeing the DVD on PBS and reading the great book it was taken from. Still working on the route, but here are a few basic details:

A re-creation of the the 1920's National Park-to-Park Highway Tour. Begins in Rocky Mountain National Park and goes counter-clockwise 6,000 miles to take in many of the National Parks

For more information on the original trip:

For the great book that inspired a great DVD:

And for the great DVD:

MY REVIEW: This is a well-written blog, wtih lots of photos, and a great topic. I love reading about other people's travels (as long as I can't do that traveling my own self!) and this is an excellent blog with which to obtain some vicarious enjoyment.

Highly recommended.

--Day 45 - On to Mesa Verde
--Day 44 - Grand Canyon
--Day 43 - Williams, AZ
--Day 42 - Not Las Vegas! Laughlin, NV!
--Day 41 - Probably the worst day of the trip!
--Day 40 - Kings Canyon National Pump, but first... ...

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