Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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WEB ADDRESS: http://laurenfenwick.com/

BLOG DESCRIPTION: Lauren Fenwick shares her humorous personal life experiences as well as her struggle to complete a novel.

MY REVIEW: At the moment Lauren is struggling with sleep apnea, so we get more of that than anything else, but being someone who has a brother who suffers from it but won't do anything about it, I sympathize!

As for the rest, Lauren writes well, and is amusing, and I think any grandmother will little grandkids will enjoy this blog, as will aspiring authors. Check it out.

Sample post:
Generational Humor Gap

I sat in a waiting room today with several Moms who were either holding babies or chasing toddlers. I listened to their conversations regarding their kids, their ages, where they are in development etc. I was a bit bored and decided I wanted in on the conversation so I announced, “My baby is nearly 40. She’s potty trained and she isn’t teething or spitting up anymore.” One mother laughed. The receptionist laughed. They must have been middle age. The other women, probably in their twenties, looked at me like I was some kind of a nut. But wait! I knew the true emotion behind their raised eye brows and stunned expressions. They were in total disbelief that I was old enough to have a forty year old child! Snicker.

Since I’m not one to seek the skills of a plastic surgeon, I will simply continue to age gracefully with a smile on my face, a song in my heart, a chuckle under my breath and my old fashioned sense of humor in tact. And when someone refers to me as a senior citizen, as they did the other day, I will ask for discounts! Tada!

Did I just hear someone say senior center?

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