Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Talking Game (tabletop games)

I had attempted to set these to publish on the 22nd, but for some reason Blogger published them immediately and won't let me change the time or day on them! Sorry about any resulting weirdness. Just for the record, this is one of 3 reviews that should have been in your 7/22/10 batch of reviews!



AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: Talking Game, by Eric Franklin


BLOG DESCRIPTION: Talking Game is a weekly blog devoted to tabletop gaming of all types, with special interest and attention given to board and role-playing games.

Eric Franklin has worked freelance for a number of board game publishers, and has more than twenty years of experience as a board gamer, role-player, and gamemaster.

MY REVIEW: An excellent blog if you're a gamer. The only drawback is that indeed is only updated once a week or so. The posts are long and detailed and informative, however, so it may be worth your checking it out.

(Although the bloggers apparently live in Washington, they're talking about European games, for which players have to pay with Euros, not sure what's up with that.)

--Character Generation Project: Fvlminata
--Character Generation Project: How I Make People
--Making Characters: The Procedure
--All Games Considered e-Book Roundtable Discussion
--Kobold Guide to Game Design

Ms. Cairo writes several blogs including:
Seaborn: Oceanography Blog
Star Trek Report: Space Sciences
Topical Murder and Dated Death

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