Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trading to Win (Business and Investing)





BLOG DESCRIPTION: Stock Market Views and Trading Ideas based on the mix of Technical Analysis and "Funny-mentals" by DavidDT using Tom DeMark Indicators

MY REVIEW: I'm not really qualified to give an opinion on whether or not this is a good blog on its subject or not. It's about day trading, a subject in which I have no knowledge - well, enough to know that I would never ever do it. You can lose a lot of money in a very, very short amount of time. Then, you get addicted, always wanting to make back the money you lost before you you can never quit because you can never get back to even. As in casino gambling, so in day trading. There comes a time -- hopefully sooner rather than later -- when you just have to cut your losses and get out.

After giving that cynical assessment, if you do want to do day trading and can afford it, this certainly seems like a blog full of successful people. The website itself is fee based, but you get info via their blog (although the charts are too small to read on the Kindle.
“Who are we?”
We are a small group of independent full and part time traders
“Why are we on the Internet?”
We believe we have accumulated sufficient knowledge of real life trading and markets and would like to share the knowledge;
We have made enough mistakes (measured in “years of mistakes”) to try to help YOU to avoid the same kind of mistakes;
We found out that trading is a very “insulating business” and in order to maintain healthy “Work/Life balance” communications with other “Stock Market Addicts” is one of the ways to stay sane without patronizing downtown pubs.

You may find their website more informative than their blog, if you're a newbie to day trading. There is much flowing tetosterone there...

If you already know your way around day trading, you've probably heard of Trading to Win (they published a book in 2008.) So, check it out.

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