Friday, July 9, 2010

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BLOG DESCRIPTION: A few months ago I published my first novel on Kindle.

It has been such an amazing experience that I decided to continue publishing novels and shorties on Kindle, and to blog about all things Kindle, from the author's perspective.

MY REVIEW: Now that digital publishing is extremely easy - anyone can publish anything and have it available for sale in days rather than months or years - I expect there to be many blogs seeking to give advertising and credence to Kindle authors. This is among the first, and its very good. Professional all the way. The author writes well, he interviews interesting authors, and he presents excellent information.

As an aside, and not related to the above author in any way, too many "self-published" authors do publish books that are not fit to print. As a reviewer for The Thunder Child Science fiction webzine) I have reviewed my fair share of poorly written, self-published novels. Of course such authors should be commended for even completing a book - such a thing is a feat in itself! - but many of them seem to leave out critical things - proofreading and editing by an impartial third party, at the very least.

So it's when reading interviews by people such as the author of this blog, David Wisehart, that you get to meet the other authors, and see just how professional they are, before you try any of their books. So this blog performs a great service in that regard.

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  1. Thanks for recommending my blog! Lots of interviews coming up with Kindle authors.


  2. A blog reviewing blogs - great idea!

    I enjoyed taking part in David's interview. He's putting them up at the rate of about one a day, so there will be plenty more to check back for.

    Meanwhile, I'll be checking this one, too.