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BLOG DESCRIPTION: The A.R.E. blog publishes material from a variety of authors and experts in such studies as reincarnation, dream interpretation, past life regression, spiritual growth, ancient mysteries, holistic health, prosperity, home remedies, and more. Edgar Cayce 's A.R.E. is your body-mind-spirit resource since 1931.

MY REVIEW: This blog is for those interested in New Age material, from reincarnation to psychics to the study of Dr. Edgar Cayce's writings.

Sample post
Detoxing Your Body
By C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

Over the past 100 years our environment has exploded in toxicity--chemical pollution, nuclear pollution, chlorinated and fluoridated water, machine pollution, silver/mercury fillings, electromagnetic pollution, herbicides and pesticides, and more. Foods with sugar, MSG, trans-fats, preservatives, corn "sweeteners", artificial sweeteners, fats, colorings, flavorings fill the grocery stores. Our soap is no longer soap--it is a detergent.

Everyone can benefit from regular detoxification, especially those with toxic diseases such as:

Autoimmune diseases–MS, ALS, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, etc.
Irritable bowel disease (IBS)
Chronic infections and rashes
Various mood disorders
For detoxification: choose at least one, once a week for the healthiest; at least five days a week for those with disorders:

Sauna, steam, hot tub or soak

Add magnesium chloride crystals to tubs or use magnesium lotion after the others.

Castor Oil Bath
Fill the tub with pleasantly warm water (102-104 degrees F). Step in and rub castor oil over the entire body (4 to 8 oz.). Soak 20 to 30 minutes. Use an inexpensive shampoo and rub every part of the body liberally with the shampoo. Wash the entire inside of the tub well. Be certain there is no feeling of slipperiness before and after you empty the tub. Rub your hands on the bottom of the tub to be certain it is not slippery before you stand to dry off.

Castor Oil Suit – At Least as Effective as the Castor Oil Bath
Rub castor oil liberally over the entire body up to the neck, including arms and legs. Put on an old pair of sweat pants and shirt or long Johns and socks and sleep in them overnight. You may reuse the suit three to four nights before washing it. It will never lose all the oil so you won't be able to use the suit for anything other than a castor oil suit. Store the suit in a plastic bag with a few drops of lavender oil.

Use a few drops of Rose Oil Fragrance after any of the above.

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