Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Well-read Child (arts and entertainment, education)



AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: The Well Read Child, Jill Tullo


BLOG DESCRIPTION: The Well-Read Child features children's, middle grade, and young adult book reviews; reading tips; author interviews; and other children's literature-related news and information to help parents instill the joy of reading in their children.

MY REVIEW: I had subscribed to this blog a while ago, but after two months without posts had decided it was inactive, and so stated in a review on the Amazon subscription page. Then the author posted yesterday, July 23, that her enthusiams for the blog had returned.

So let's support her and subscribe! If you've got kids, its so important these days to engender in them a love of reading, of learning. Less than 10% of kids who graduate from high school, or from college, continue to read books afterwards. That's scary. And it's bad.

So do what you can to turn your child into a reader. It's fun, it's's life itself.

--A New Direction (A New Direction) (July 23)
-- Animal Soup by Todd H. Doodler (May 21)
--Gracias/Thanks by Pat Mora, illustrations by Jon Parra (May 3)
--Nic Bishop Frogs (Apr 30)

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