Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ApocEpoch (science fiction humor)




WEB ADDRESS: http://apocepoch.blogspot.com/

BLOG DESCRIPTION: The end of the world is in vogue. The Apocalypse Epoch has commenced. Prepare to survive. Zombies, nuclear war, socio-economic collapse, disease, extreme global climate change (see: nuclear war) and much more. Welcome to ApocEpoch (a-pock-ee-pock).

MY REVIEW: This is a fiction blog in the vein of Shaun of the Dead and other films of that nature - combining horror with humor. Five authors contribute to the blog, some writing an ongoing story, others doing book reviews (apparently Zombies are a "big thing" right now, there are books out like Idaho Falls, products like Whistle Creek Survival Kit in a Sardine Can, and so on.

Sample post
The Aisle
"Pardon me sir" said I, scooting past the young store clerk who was placing items on the sparsely stocked shelves. The store clerk made a noise but I couldn't make out any words. As I made my way towards the rice, an old lady turned her cart down the narrow aisle toward me. I reached the rice and grabbed a small bag of the white. The old woman drew closer. I looked back at the young store clerk who was still stocking the shelves. I was trapped. Who designed this store? I thought to myself. I could return the way I came but would that require another "Pardon me sir." I again looked at the store clerk. Oh shit! That's no sir at all! Now I'm going to have to try and squeeze past this old woman. I couldn't possibly face another encounter with that young lady stocking the shelves. As she made her slow approach, the old woman eyed the rice that I was carrying then looked into my eyes. I hesitated, then made my move to get around her. "Excuse me Ma'am." She smiled and again eyed the rice as I side stepped between the shelves and the cart. I was clear from the awkward moment. I then declared to myself that I should have climbed over the row of shelves into the next aisle. I reached the check out. I lifted the back flap of my gray sport coat to grab my wallet. Tucked into my trousers at the small of my back, was a Model 1911 .45 Auto pistol. Had she made a move for the rice, I would have dropped that old bag. I paid for the rice and left without incident...this time.

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