Friday, July 25, 2014

Website Review: Hookah Shisha

Business: Hookah Shisha: Selling hookahs, hookah pens, and a variety of hookah products

This is an e-commerce website, focusing on hookah products, obviously.

They don't have a nav bar, all of the categories of the items they sell are listed in a left hand column, which you can scroll down by scrolling down the entire page.

There's a lot of info listed here - plenty of FAQs on the health aspects of hookah pens (if you smoke fruit flavored liquids, that of course is a lot healthier than nicotine!) how old you have to be (18) how to operate the various hookahs  - from the full size ones (over 3 feet tall) to the tiny, portable ones known as hookah pens or hookah sticks.

There are also videos, testimonials, oh, a wide variety of information for you to check out!.

The site suffers from a lack of paragraph breaks.


Website Review: Fife Towing - Seattle towing company

Business Name: Fife Service & Towing

This is a nice website. Everything designed to be easy to find. The nav bar across the top consists of Home, Commercial Towing, Services, Redeeming a Vehicle, Coupons,  Blog and Contact.

Their blog seems to be updated once a month - and has some good tips there.

Their services are for both normal car owners and for commercial vehicles - i.e. over the road trucks. (And they do tow away for the city, as well.)

They tow cars, motorcycles, 5th wheels, motor homes and containers.

But they do more than that - although this isn't easily seen - just on their services page.

They'll unlock your car for you if you lock yourself out, do pull starts deliver fuel to your car, change your tire, and if you've been a bit too wild and crazy and ended up in a ditch, they'll winch you out.  This Seattle towing company does it all.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Website review: Mr. Sparky of Seattle

Company name: Mister Sparky
Business: West Seattle electrician

This is a nice website - very much an electrician's website, with bright yellow and red colors. Has a slider going across the top offering their on-time guarantee; their promise to be clean, friendly and courteous; and the assurance that they take the qualities of applicants seriously - not everyone off the street is hired to be one of their electricians.

The nav bar across the top is simple to use: About Us, Services, Products, Guarantee, Blog, Appointment, and Contact Us.

Perhaps I'm an old fuddy duddy, but I don't like drop down menus that don't drop down ALL the menus. For example, if you click on the About button you get a drop down for Testimonials. Well, newbies to the net (and even oldies like me) might not realize that the About Us button, clicked on its own, takes people to the About us page.  All sites that I've visited do this - if there's a drop down the top button isn't listed - annoying.

Website Review: Luck's Food Decorating Company

Website Title: Luck's Food Decorating Company

There is a general myth that boys like blue, and girls like pink.  Well, I have to say that I really, really don't care for pink, or tan.....or whatever the colors on this site are.

There are lots of delectable edible images on the site. The buttons on the other pages are extremely large... you have to click twice to get to where you want to go...

It's a wholesale e-commerce site, so of course only companies can log in and purchase. Individuals looking to buy items are encouraged to go to their local stores.

They do provide decorating tips for all.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Website review: Pac Rite Inc.

Business name: Pac Rite Inc

Pac Rite Inc., produces and sells shipping tubes,  label cores (those small cardboard circular thingies in the middle of a roll of packing tape, or on a roll of sticky labels or something of that nature, and concrete forms - which just means that they recycle concrete somehow into light weight tubing, and converting cores - something I don't actually understand, but I *assume* it means they can produce cores to any size and shape that their customer wants. (Hopefully - and presumably - their potential customers understand this terminology.)

They also do concrete forms. It took me a while to figure out that, too, I have to admit, until the word "forms" clicked. So they do circular tubes strong enough to hold concrete, for businesses that want to make concrete columns or things of that nature. 

Shipping tubes and label cores are within my understanding, and since they produce 100% green products, and can produce these products in a cost -effective way, their prices are reasonable.