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Way to Grow Pediatrics (health and fitness)


MY RECOMMENDATION: YES, with reservations

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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Dr. Trina Blythe discusses everything from circulating viruses to a good recipe to try for the picky eater to birth control advice for your teenager.

MY REVIEW: Well, I'm not sure if I should recommend this blog or not. The post on April 29 was the first post since Feb 24. But, the author of the blog, Trina Blythe, was busy moving her practice, so that may account for the lack of posts.

I'd say, go ahead and subscribe, if you've got little kids and want to make sure you're doing your best for them.

Sample post:
Cough, Cough, Cough

It seems like coughs are more abundant than snow flakes these days. Everyone is coughing. It's all the rage. Coughs can be caused by a myriad of illnesses from allergies and asthma to Pertussis (Whooping Cough) and Pneumonia. How can anyone tell which coughs are minor and which are more serious? Here are a few tips for when to call the doctor...

(1) Coughs associated with fever
(2) Coughs that have been lingering around for more than 2 weeks.
(3) Coughs that are "tight and dry." This describes an asthma type cough where the child is having trouble moving air in and out of the lungs.
(4) Cough that is occurring every 3-4 minutes
(5) Cough that induces vomiting
(6) Cough that interferes with talking or activity
(7) Cough that cause abdominal or chest pain

Minor coughs tend to be associated with colds and usually self limited. These coughs generally resolve within 1-2 weeks. It should not interfere with sleep or daily activities.

Many of the cough preparations have been removed from the market for children under age 4.

For these children plenty of fluids, humidity and nasal suction are the most recommended remedies. For infants Pedialyte may be necessary to supplement fluid intake. For children over one year old honey can be a helpful soother for a cough caused by a dry tickle in the throat.

For older children we usually recommend over the counter preparations such as Delsym or Mucinex.

Coughs tend to be tricky business so if in doubt, get it checked out!

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