Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Groovy Vegetarian (Cooking)


MY RECOMMENDATION: YES, with reservations. (It hasn't been updated since March 12)


WEB ADDRESS: http://groovyvegetarian.com/

BLOG DESCRIPTION: Vegetarian Lifestyle Blog (with eco friendly fun mixed in) This blog is dedicated to veggie-lovers across the globe. Join us today!

MY REVIEW: This is a blog wholly dedicated to the vegetarian lifestyle. It includes book reviews, give always, links to recipes, comments on different food items, all the fun facts you need about living without meat. The posts are well written and informative, however the blog is not posted to often, which bothers me. It is sporadic, Jan 12, Jan 16, Jan 31, Feb 3, Feb 8, Feb 16. But, it is informative and very focused. I would feel more positive about the blog if there was some pattern. A recent post indicated they be moving more content to their new Facebook page but still keeping the Blog.

(People need to remember that if they offer the blog on Kindle, they need to redirect feeds if they decide to move the blog, and they should cancel the blog out altogether if they dont intend to keep it up.)

--5 Super Foods High In Fiber (March 12)
--8 Low Cost Ways To Help Any Animal Shelter (March 5)
--Simon Cowell Of American Idol Supports Meatless Mondays (Feb 23)
--Groovy Vegetarian Blog Is On Facebook (Feb 16)
--Vegetarian Carrie Underwood Delivers a Perfect National Anthem For Superbowl 2010 [See Video] (Feb 8)

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