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Pampering Campers (Travel)



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MY REVIEW: This is an excellent travel blog for those who wish to explore the US. The articles are well written, informative, and liberally sprinkled with illustrative photographs. (Of course, the photos appear in greyscale on the Kindle, as opposed to color on the web.)

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If you're planning on travellling in the United States this summer season, give this blog a try.

Sample post:
Goblin Valley, Utah [Note - several photos are included in the post, which I don't reproduce here]
We continued on Hwy 24 until the little brown sign pointed to Goblin Valley. If we’d turned when the GPS told us to, we’d have taken a dirt road and we didn’t feel up to that. They’ve done some improvements to the campground since we were here 10 or so years ago. Each campsite now has a cover over the table. I don’t remember much of a restroom, before, but now there is a nice one with showers. There is an RV dump station and drinking water spigots throughout the campground. We paid $16 – no hookups. You can make reservations here. They have some tent-only sites and the RV sites have lots of pavement.

We also saw quite a few campers and trailers, boondocking, on the property outside the State Park. The unique rock formations are the reason people come here. We had beautiful blue skies but the icy wind was a little annoying.

There is a nice observation deck at the trail parking area. It was a great alternative to being sandblasted. Look at all these little goblins! Can you imagine discovering this for the first time. A cowboy, looking for his lost cattle, discovered this area. I think he’s the one who called it Mushroom Valley – someone, later, renamed it to Goblin Valley (probably someone in Tourism.)

We don’t know this guy but it’s a good reference to see the size of the rock formations. We walked through here the last time we were here with our son and granddaughter. It’s amazing how quickly you can get lost. I was worried about loosing the kids! I think we left with them all?

We took off the camper and went exploring down one of the dirt roads. The Goblin Valley area is the tidal zone of an ancient, migrating, sea. We noticed the similarities in the cliffs along the Oregon Coast. You can also see the similarites to the large cliffs that the natives used to build homes in. That’s Don, way in the background

We walked around this area and admired the unusual mineral deposits and small rocks that have washed out of the layer of sand. I think the crystal is gypsum. It’s amazing that anything can grow here!

It was in the upper 40’s here today but felt colder because of the wind. I’m sure it got down into the 30’s over night. Winter is NOT over in Utah yet! But, Spring is kind of ‘bi-polar’ anyway.

--Goblin Valley, Utah
--Glen Canyon National Recreation Area – Hite, Utah
--Gallup, NM to Natural Bridges Monument, Utah
--Ft Sumner to Gallup, NM
--Lake Brantley State Park (north of Carlsbad) to Ft Sumner Lake State Park

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