Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Woo! Jr. Kids Activities Network (parenting)


MY RECOMMENDATION: No, unsuitable for Kindle

AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: Woo! Jr. Kids Activities Network, by Wendy Piersall


BLOG DESCRIPTION: 5 blogs providing coloring pages, educational activities, and other fun stuff for kids. Themes include animals, popular cartoons, fantasy, space, and kids crafts.

MY REVIEW: This is a fun little blog (well, actually it's a big blog), that has dozens of things parents or caregivers can print out for little children - bubble letters, coloring sheets, etc. Which is why it's unsuitable for the Kindle. The only way to be able to download this material is to get it from the actual website.

I suppose you could subscribe to it via the Kindle so that you can see what's on offer daily, and then if you find something of interest you can then go to the website to print it out...

--Lowercase bubble letters
--Learning colors worksheets for preschoolers
--May Day coloring pages
--Printable May Day baskets
Ms. Cairo writes two blogs of her own:
Winged Victory: Women in Aviation
Volcano Seven: Treasure and Treasure Hunters

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