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BLOG DESCRIPTION: The spirit of creativity is alive and well throughout the world--supported, not replaced, by technology. Shared from one hand and heart to another. Encouraging creativity—in this case through art and craft—plants the seed for creativity in thought, in relationships, in problem solving. Appalachian Morning blog celebrates creativity wherever it is found and gives practical tips, esoteric musings, and information on various visual arts and creative opportunities.

MY REVIEW: If you are in to crafting, I think you will enjoy this blog. It has not been updated since March 21, 2010, however.

Nevertheless, it looks like a lot of fun. Check it out. It may even inspire you with your own work.

Sample post
Needle Felting (Photos not reproduced)

I needed a break from crochet...well, really I didn't, but my right wrist did. I'd had such fun making a felted hat, from crochet, earlier this winter, that I was drawn to some books on creating felted animals and other things (art wall hangings, etc.) from wool.

I love the feel of wool, especially white wool roving. I use it in creating what I call "spirit dolls." (At left is an old flyer featuring these...some are still for sale at Studio4 Art Gallery in Nelsonville, Ohio).

Anyway, I wanted to learn something new, so purchased a book called Wool Pets: Making 20 Figures with Wool Roving and a Barbed Needle by Laurie Sharp. I bought 2 bags of 100% wool from Wistyria Editions in Grnd Haven, MI. One bag of "furry friends" and one bag of "brights." I also bought a "pen style needle felting tool" from Clover (available on Amazon) and Felting Foam, also from Wistyria.

When all these wonderful things came in the mail, I settled down on the couch with my wonderful new supplies and the latest episode of "24/White Collar/The Good Wife."

In one evening I had my first wool pet! Here's a photo of my little penguin, the book, the wool, the felting pen, and my real pet, Farley, asking why she isn't the main focus of the photograph.

The penguin described in the book has beads for eyes. I didn't have black beads in the house (pink, clear, red, blue, black!); so I used white wool rolled into a little bead-size ball and then a black tinier round of wool on top of it to get "googley eyes."

My pengin has a white tummy because I used white wool as the directions said. I do not know why the penguin on the cover seems to be made with a body of grey wool with a wisp of white over top. This discrepancy between what was shown in the photo and described in the directions, was a bit bothersome, but I am not the sort to follow directions too closely anyway.

The felting needle I purchased was actually THREE needles in a holder. It worked okay, but SILLY ME! had I read the directions included with the needle, I would have found that I could choose to have one, two, or three needles present when working.... I wonder how much easier it would have been to do the eyes with just one needle? Probably much easier.

I was surprised at how easy this craft was to pick up and do right away and what a cute item I ended up with. I have no idea what to do with it, but this took me back....

When I was a teenager I loved felt. I still do. I paint with it! Well, more accurately, I paint on top of it. I like to glue it onto the canvas, then put modeling paste on top, then acrylic paint on top of that (stay tuned for more on this). But, when I was about 14 or 15 and had some illness that required bedrest...okay, a bad case of mono and, no, I hadn't kissed anyone! Anyway, I had a lot of felt (the acrylic kind you can get for $1 a sheet or so) and hand sewed little felt creatures that I then sold in a craft store. They were pretty cute and I'd like to make them again. I just might, using this new technique.

If you haven't yet tried needle punch felting. Give it a try! I'd love to see your results.

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