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2 and a Half (parenting)



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BLOG DESCRIPTION: 2 and a half is all about the fun and crazy world of raising two wonderful little girls - from a dad's perspective. The blog got its name based on when it was founded - one daugther was 2 1/2 years old and other 2 1/2 months old. The goal is humor but also to provide parenting perspective and to reassure other parents that everyone goes through this stuff! Enjoy!

MY REVIEW: This is a first rate parenthood tales blog. Anyone who has raised children, has any sense of humor, and has lived to tell about it can relate.

It is not cutesy, it does not go into unnecessary details. What is does is relate true stories that are so funny – after it is all over, you have recovered the pieces, realized that everyone is still alive and no animals were seriously hurt. You are in this together, even at those times when ask yourself, "This was the plan?" (Of course, I can see a lot more humor here as an empty nester!)

It is a pleasure to review a well written honest blog, that tells life like it is, with a sense of humor.

Sample post:
First piece of gum
Your first piece of gum is a big deal. It's a rite of passage of sorts, or so it seems.

For her 4th birthday Audrey got to chew her first piece - I believe it was Wrigley's Spearmint but am not sure. It wasn't a full piece, just half. And she chewed it so long that I'm sure she must have forgotten that gum doesn't dissolve like candy does. Clearly her her goal was two-fold: to show everyone she was chewing gum and to savor the experience of growing up. Another milestone achieved. By the time she deposited the tasteless rubbery glob into the trash it was bed time.

I've been trying to lay the groundwork to restrict gum-chewing on a regular basis - after all, stepping onto a glob of the stuff or finding some underneath the table is supposed to happen at places like carnivals and baseball games and parks, only. I don't want it to happen in our household. Nor do I want to find it embedded in rugs or couches. She chewed another piece today which means so far I've failed to restrict usage - right now I can only hope she'll be responsible about it.

That's the pleasure and the plight of being a parent - watching your kids revel in new opportunities and privileges, and worrying about what they will bring.

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