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BLOG DESCRIPTION: My blog will consist of quilting, sewing, cooking, some travel, and some knitting. I belong to a quilting group that does lots of things! I share those experiences with you as well.

MY REVIEW: This blog is newly available on Kindle, and as such costs $1.99 to subscribe. I must say I've always been confused by the way Amazon prices its blogs. They should start at 99 cents, and the author should have the option of pricing it higher. However, typically they start out at $1.99, and if no one has subscribed after two weeks, and if the blogger hasn't lost heart because no one has subscribed, they'll drop the price down to 99 cents, and then people will start to subscribe. (That's not to say that people don't subscribe to blogs that cost $1.99, but those are typically sports blogs or financial blogs, not blogs on quilting!)

Well, if people enjoy quilting and learning about how to do it, perhaps $1.99 a month won't seem so onerous. (And really, what's $1.99? The price of two cups of coffee in one day?)

But this is a fun blog, written by a woman who is very knowledgeable in quilting, and writes enthusiastically. If you're a quilter, I think you'll like this blog. The author provides lots of photos. They do suffer a bit in greyscale, as opposed to what you see on the web...

Here's a sample post:
I saw a table runner in a magazine made of strips. Whenever I have a piece of fabric smaller than a fat quarter, I cut it in 2 1/2" strips, and store them in a box, separated by color. So, I get this bright idea to make a table runner out of "leftovers".

All I did was sew 2 1/2 " strips together in random lengths, till it was the length of my table. I kept adding rows until it was wide enough, then switched to some greens for the last row on either side, and across the two ends. I layered the top with some leftover hydrangea fabric for the backing. Then I can use the other side as well.

I practiced a loop-de-loop leaf design for the quilting. I then bound it with a soft blue batik, again, leftover strips. So, a brand new table runner, and I didn't buy a thing! This table runner would look great with prints, or brights, whatever you like! I happened to have these batiks in my colors, so that's what I used! If you make a runner, I would love to see a picture of it. I finally have been "in the mood" to sew. Maybe having a few minutes time has had something to do with that, lol. I have all kinds of things in my mind, and on my cutting stay tuned......

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Ms. Cairo writes two blogs of her own:
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