Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Just Me (hobbies - bird photography)


MY RECOMMENDATION: YES, with reservations

AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: It's Just Me, by Liza Lee Miller

WEB ADDRESS: http://egretsnest.wordpress.com/

BLOG DESCRIPTION: Glimpses into my life as a mother, wife, friend, teacher, birder, writer, and photographer . . . oh, and occasionally, you'll see my dog!

MY REVIEW: This is one of those blogs that is quite pleasant - full of photos of birds one sees in the backyard or in nearby stands of trees. The author also gives us poetry. A soft, gentle blog. (Not my cup of tea.)

Because of its emphasis on photos, I don't know that Kindle subscribers will enjoy it. However, visitors via the web certainly will.

--The Forest (poem)
--Soaring (bird photo)
--Out of the blue
--Friendly Pheobe!
--And, it’s Spring!

Ms. Cairo writes two blogs of her own:
Winged Victory: Women in Aviation
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