Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Retro Reviews: Broken Secrets

Broken Secrets is a much more fun version of “Improve Your Knowledge Daily.” Instead of a single fact, easy to read and as easy to forget, these “secrets” are couched in a friendly manner, and just more fun to read.

Here’s how its described:
This blog is updated every weekday with little known facts and helpful secrets that you probably don't know, but should find useful and entertaining. The topic of every post is a treat for your curiosity and the next time a conversation hits a lull, it's your ace in the hole for bringing it back to life.

As a subscriber to Broken Secrets, you'll read about time saving tricks that baristas use when making coffee; how to keep takeout food warm; why airlines dim the lights before landing; how mechanics keep their hands clean; why you shouldn't drink hot water from the faucet; how to defog your bathroom mirror in 30 seconds; why restaurant food stays warm on your plate; how to open a bottle of wine without any tools... and many more!!

The last five entries:
--The History of Valentine’s Day
--Rescue A Disc From Your Drive With A Paper Clip
--The Massive Underground Vault Near the North Pole
--The Meaning of the Numbers inside the Recycling Symbol
--Shop at Off-Peak Hours for Time Savings

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