Friday, April 30, 2010

Retro-Review: Reflections on a Middle-Aged Fat Woman

Retro reviews are reviews from the earliest days of this blog.

Reviewed by Ms. Cairo

Reflections On A Middle-Aged Fat Woman .


Blog Description: Reflections on a Middle Aged Fat Woman are the thoughts, happenings and remembrances of a 40ish year old pleasantly plump woman that is slightly off center, sings slightly off key, and, just slightly off her rocker. The Middle-Aged (MA) Fat Woman has spent years fabricating who she thinks she is, who she desires to be, and denying who she actually is. MA Fat Woman is not glamorous, (although, she desires to be) and she is not an announcer for her local radio station (yet, that’s what she tells people). What is she? She is an underemployed, slightly psychotic, hopefully optimistic individual that appreciates that the world still rotates clockwise every day. (Or, does it?)

Reflections on a Middle Aged Fat Woman say what others are too polite to say or even want to think about. It is part Erma Bombeck (without the kids) part Jen Lancaster (without the bad words) and part Lewis Grizzard (without the heart problems) that brings remembrances, story-telling and today’s technologies and conveniences full circle.

My review: Well, I’m afraid I can’t give this a good review. This blog is amorphous. There’s no real point to it. She’s a middle-aged fat woman, so you’d think some of her posts would be humorous ones on trying to lose weight and not succeeding. Or the other side of the coin, someone who is comfortable with her weight, and the humorous battles she goes through to get other people to mind their own business regarding her appearance. But she doesn’t do any of that.

We don’t know where she lives, we don't know what her profession is, we don't knkow what her particular hobbies are, so there’s nothing unique about the blog, such as is as My Life A Bit South of Normal which takes place in the Deep South of South Carolina, and gives the blog its theme.

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