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Rob Aquatics - Master Swimmer (swimming, health and fitness)



AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: Rob Aquatics - Master Swimmer, by Rob Dumouchel


BLOG DESCRIPTION: Swimming blog focused on training for and competing in USMS (United States Masters Swimming).

When people get out of high school or college, they think that their competitive sports days are behind them. Not so. There are plenty of sports programs that you can participate in - you just have to find them in your area.

The Masters Program

There's also such a thing as the Senior Games, and a FitPast50 organization.

Here's the author describing his blog on swimming:
When I started this blog I was the founder, coach, president, CEO and star swimmer of the most exclusive swim team in California – Rob Aquatics. In other words I was swimming unattached :) Since then there have been some changes! In December of 2008 I was adopted by Coach Nancy Reno and I’m currently attached to and compete on her team,Conejo Valley Multisport Masters (CVMM). I also workout with a group of masters in Santa Maria a couple times a week and do ocean swims with a small group of open water enthusiasts in Avila Beach. Because of my work schedule I still do a fair amount of working out by myself.

I try to get out and swim at as many meets and events as I have the time and money to get to. You’re most likely to find me at just about any South Pacific Masters meet, but I do venture up into the Pacific Masters region and down to the San Diego Imperial region from time to time.

Since getting into masters swimming I’ve gotten myself very involved with the organization. In 2009 I went to the US Aquatic Sports convention as a delegate for SPMA, and starting in January of 2010 I will be part of the board for Southern Pacific Masters Swimming as the Member at Large.

This blog is basically my diary of getting back into swimming through USMS. You’ll find all my workouts, events I’m participating in, some masters’ news, and unsolicited opinions about watery stuff. If you ever have questions or comments for me feel free to leave them on the site or send me an e-mail (

It's a fun blog, and inspirational. Check it out.

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