Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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WEB ADDRESS: http://2witches.com/blog/

BLOG DESCRIPTION: Two best friends, two wives, two mothers, two domestic goddesses, blog about the ups and downs of daily life, sharing a glimpse into the secret lives of two real witches. Mama Kelly and Lady Rose have been friends for over 20 years, and have a combined 50+ years of experience in Wicca and tarot. 2 Witches Blog is more than just an online journal. Lady Rose & Mama Kelly share their daily lives as wives, moms, kitchen witches, pagans, also walking the spiritual path of being a witch in a modern world.

MY REVIEW: Well, it is interesting, but if I had not seen the title of this blog, I would not had any idea it was related to the Wicca world until I got to the 5th entry back and there is a reference to “Candlemas”.

I am going to assume (and we all know what that word means) that Candlemas is a pagan or Wicca celebration. Two more entries back, we are making plans for “The Spirit of Womongathering 2010”.

If you go to the site itself, you can rummage around on the side bars and under “Regular Features” find some answers and how to cast a spell. The blog itself is well written, but it seems more about family and life in general, than dealing with any Wiccan concepts. (Perhaps that's the idea, to show just how normal and mundane the lives of Wiccans are?)

Sample post:
I have off today in exchange for working tomorrow. Normally having to work a Saturday would annoy me greatly, but I’m pretty pleased about it this time.

For one, my friend M2 will be coming home with me and spending the afternoon with me and my family. As generally our visits with her are only an hour or so at best, it will be nice to spend some real time with her. Secondly, it will be first time back on the “confirming crew” since returning back to my old department last fall. I am hoping that my stats will be sufficiently high to allow me back on it permanently as 40 hours a week of straight cold-calling is getting to me.

The day has been lovely so far. I slept in, took a long luxurious shower and cooked 2 dishes for the upcoming week (a spicy bean and corn dish and a tomato-lentil sauce for pasta). Gamer Dude and I ran a couple of errands and I’ve been doing a little work on my super-duper secret side project.

There are things I could (and probably should) be doing. But, I am trying to enjoy the peace and quiet sunshine and sweet smelling breezes as much as I possibly can. Hope you and yours are able to do the same.

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