Friday, April 30, 2010

The CitySpur Local Travel Blog

(Screencap from blog, with text that doesn't match Kindle blog feed....)


AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: The CitySpur Local Travel Blog , by

WEB ADDRESS: [Although this is the right URL, the blog at his URL is presenting only local news. Yet the material I recieve on the Kindle doesn't match this blog at all. Lots of international news. So color me confused.]

BLOG DESCRIPTION: The CitySpur blog offers daily travel content that discusses travel destinations and activities from around the US. From luxury hotels to concerts, you will get your fill of local travel each day.

MY REVIEW: The problem with this blog, regardless of what content is sent to you, is that it attempts to cover the whole US...instead of a single area. As such, the topic is just too broad! I can see subscribing to a blog for an entire states, or for a hobby - like Civil War travel, mountain travel, etc., but a blog that may cover every state in the US (although this blog also covers "news of the strange" from other countries...) I don't see the point.

From the Kindle feed, anyway!
--Kindergarten knife attack injures 29 children in China
--Man hits deer on motorcycle going 70 MPH, Suffers only minor injuries [who knew a deer could ride a motorcycle?]
--Obama gives presendential style leadership to senate immigration ...
---LAPD sees 10,000 marchers in May Day rally
--Thai Tourism resilient despite Bangkok protests reports Skyscanner

Frankly, I think they used the wrong blogfeed for this particular blog...because it certainly doesn't match what's on their website, which is, indeed, local US news, of interest to travellers!

Ms. Cairo writes two blogs of her own:
Winged Victory: Women in Aviation
Volcano Seven: Treasure and Treasure Hunters

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