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Bipolar Makes it Twice as Fun (lifestyle and culture, health)



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WEB ADDRESS: http://www.bipolarmakesittwiceasfun.com/

BLOG DESCRIPTION: [No description at the blog. I take this from her announcement of the blog] I suffer from and live with Bipolar Disorder, but it's worse that just regular ol' BP, I have a form that is difficult to control and is continuously cycling (always going through episodes). My blog, which I try to update daily, is about my experiences and my thoughts/reactions to the mental health industry. It most certainly is an industry.

Through the blog I prove (well, I hope I prove) that it's possible to live a relatively normal life. I am the complete opposite of the stigma; highly functional, compliant, perfect hygiene, and happily married. I take care of the house just like any other woman would do. I have a job. I have all this normal stuff but sometimes my thinking gets a little crazy.

Another goal of my blog is to show that dealing with this illness doesn't always have to be bad, I've had a lot of fun being bipolar.

MY REVIEW: If you have bipolar, or know someone with bipolar, check this blog out. Well written and interesting, told from the point of view of someone with the condition - which is always better than being told by an outside observer! Author is in her twenties, and writes the way young people write (slang etc that I don't particularly care for) but - obvious literate and educated.

Check it out.

Sample post
Disease, condition, illness, whatever it is
I just found this in a journal, it was dated: November 27, 2006. This is 22 year old me.

I hate being me. I hate my disease, condition, illness, whatever it is. I hate that I'm insecure and am always second guessing myself; but, at the same time, I'm a perfectionist and have a constant need for approval from everyone else. I hate that I make my decisions for everyone else and not for myself. I'm scared to make my own decisions because they might be, and usually are, wrong.

I want to be a smart person. I want to be more than "the fun girl with a pretty face."

I want to achieve something, to set a goal that will give me a purpose to go on, and that will make me proud of myself. If I could make a decision about what to do, it would be easier. And my drugs hold me back, too. There are things I wanna do but can't because I've been admitted into the psych ward at the hospital. You won't see me on Big Brother, The Real World, or The Amazing Race. I don't know what to write about so I can't start my book. That is going to be a difficult decisions so I'm not gonna do it.

I hate everything about bipolar:
it holds me back from doing my best
it gets in the way of some of my dreams
it drives me into deep depressions
it flings me high in the air
it doesn't help me get down
it escalates my feelings of insecurity and my perfectionist drive.
I wish I could make a decision. A good one. For myself. That will please everyone.
I'm "the fun girl with the pretty face" because I have worked so diligently at constructing that image of myself. Having fun comes easy to me, even when I'm depressed, so when I'm around people that's who they see. Plus, I am an attention-whore and being pretty helps with that.

--Chicken or the Egg, Smoke or the Crazy
--Let's see that O-face
--Being Manic is Being Out of Control
--Disease, condition, illness, whatever it is
--It wards off the demons!
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