Friday, April 16, 2010

Legendary Escapes





BLOG DESCRIPTION: Swimming pools - above and below ground

MY REVIEW: I hadn't intended this review to be published at all, since there's no point in it. The blog doesn't feed properly to the Kindle. But since it was actually published, I figure I'd better put something in it.

Pictures from Plymouth, MI
More of the Plymouth Legendary Escape experience
More from Saline, MI…
Check out these new photos of one of our latest projects!
Concrete Table Top
How can I figure out the volume in gallons of water in my pool?
Castle Ruins in Brighton, MI
Vinyl Liner Pool, Southwestern Style
InGround Swimming Pool Sport Pool
Vinyl Liner Pool with unique accents in Brighton, MI
Let us introduce this fantastic backyard pool experience in Brighton, MI
Automatic Safety Cover Demo
A basic swimming pool system overview
It seems that a lot of Michigan Pool owners are asking these questions…
Spring, Safety cover, now what?
The top three things to discuss with your pool designer…
Here we are inside demonstrating an outdoor fire place element…
Our interview with a custom basement company at the Swimming Pool show…
How to create a vinyl liner/gunite hybrid step area on a swimming pool
More from the trend setting vinyl liner/gunite hybrid pool in Saline, MI!
Water Features on the Hybrid Pool
Saline Fire Pit and Decorative Elements
More of what to do at a trade show…
Ice Rink
from the Rock Financial Pool and Spa Show March 27th
Al Curtis Introduces the Saline Pool Project
The World of Blogging in a trade business

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