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The Texas Triffid Ranch (horticulture)



AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: The Texas Triffid Ranch, by Paul Riddell

WEB ADDRESS: http://txtriffidranch.livejournal.com/

BLOG DESCRIPTION: The daily adventures of the Texas Triffid Ranch LiveJournal, the augmentation to The Texas Triffid Ranch, a carnivorous and unusual plant nursery located in Dallas. This includes discussions on plant husbandry and identification, odd news related to horticulture, and any number of very strange stories about the author, his extremely tall wife the Czarina, and his efforts to learn something new by the end of the day about his insectivorous charges.

MY REVIEW: As a sceience fiction fan, I knew immediately where the title The Triffids had come from, and so subscribed to this blog on that basis alone. And indeed, it seems the owner of the Texas Triffid Ranch used to write science fiction columns, among other works.

It's a fun blog on horticulture - specifically "carnivorous and unusual plants." Well written, humorous. The home webpage is http://txtriffidranch.com/, where you can purchase plants from their nursery, as well as Paul Riddell's books, and T-shirts, and so on.

I'd recommend subscribing if your interested in horticulture at all.

This is one blog that I think works better on the Kindle than on their blogsite, whih is a Livejournal site that I dont' really care for. They have the entry, then a list of comments. (If you like reading other people's comments to blog entries, you'll enjoy this.) With the Kindle, all you get are the entries themselves. In addition, there's no index of entries, like you get with the Kindle. Accessing their archives is a pain. Much easier with the Kindle!
Sample post:
I fully acknowledge that using biological controls for invasive flora hasn't always worked as well as expected, and I fully acknowledge that one of the problems with utilizing insects as biological controls is that they tend to be so adaptable, and have no problems with shifting toward new food sources if their old sources become rare or absent. I still have to give credit to Weedusters Biocontrol for stating, up front, that their biological controls will never completely wipe out the plant being targeted, and that this control needs to be used in conjunction with other pest management options. Now if I could just explain this concept to Triffid Ranch customers who assume that one Venus flytrap will wipe out every mosquito and every roach within their time zone as soon as it's set out in the garden.

--The joys of biocontrol
--About the Books
--The Rules
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