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KC-X Tanker News (industry, military aviation)


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BLOG DESCRIPTION: This site aggregates reports related to the U.S. Air Force's upcoming aerial tanker competition and contract. The $35 billion contract will be one of the most important defense programs of the next decade.

MY REVIEW: Aviation and military enthusiasts will find this blog of interest. Unfortunately, its kindle feed is such that all you get is a paragraph, with no hotlink to get to the complete article on the web. I can't recommend the Kindle version, therefore.

Sample post:
New Website From EADS North America Stresses A330 Availability
EADS North America has set up a new website,, that stresses the “Tomorrow’s tanker, ready today” aspect of their program. This is following up on their plan to stress the availability of their aircraft as compared to the newer Boeing (BA) “NewGen” tanker that while is is based on the 767 integrates some 787 avionics into it. This might require some development time.

The A330 is already in production for Italy and the U.K. and will, technically, only require the necessary U.S. Air Force specific equipment integrated onto it.

--New Website From EADS North America Stresses A330 Availability
--U.S. Air Force Continues To Invest In Older Tankers
--Analysis: EADS Participating In KC-X Contest
--EADS Believes Established A330 Program Will Offset Possible Cost Disadvantages
--Boeing Statement On EADS Bid
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