Friday, April 9, 2010

Kitten on the Keyboard (news politics and opinions)



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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Individual blog offering opinion on events in the world and in my life.

MY REVIEW: This blog hasn't been updated since March 30. Posts are only every two weeks or so, so that doesn't necessarily mean its inactive.

Although the name of this blog is "Kitten on a Keyboard," it is not written by a cat (more's the pity!) or even a cat's human.

This blog jumps from the Proclamation from the President (of the United States) for the First National Day of Prayer to the Best Irish Joke to a Blessing to one of the Federalist Papers to an article on High School Drop outs.

It is a right wing blog with ads for Kim Komando, Fair Tax, and Mike Huckabee's PAC. It's not like other blogs that post articles from sources, or rant, indeed this blog seems to have no rhyme nor reason with the exception of the thread of political bent that runs through it.

It is difficult to recommend this blog.

--First National Day of Prayer
--Best Irish Joke in a Long Time
--An Irish Friendship Wish
--Excerpt from the Federalist Papers<

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