Friday, April 30, 2010

I've written lots of blog reviews today...

which my readers will perhaps never see.

I've subscribed to at least five "dead" blogs today. It used to be that I'd review them here, and inform you that they're inactive, as well as review them at their Amazon webpage as well.

From now on, I'm just going to review them at their Amazon webpage. I'll keep an eye on them, an dif they are ever resurrected I'll review them here at that time.

One blog I'm hoping will be ressurrected (it's not dead, but the author changed URLs and never updated it at her Kindle page) is one on collecting Alice in Wonderland items. I'm a collector...although as far as Disney movies are concerned, it's Captain Hook from Peter pan that I collect... but that's another story).

In any event, I emailed the author and asked her if she would update the kindle feed so that her blog would be worth subscribing to. If she hasn't done it in two weeks, when my free subscription to her blog runs out, I'll have to give her an "Inactive" review at her Amazon page....

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