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Life as a Work at Home Internet Mogul Blog (Lifestyles & Culture)



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BLOG DESCRIPTION: “Write about what you know”, I’ve been told. I’m interested in so many things that I hesitate to limit my focus.

As the blog title says, I’m a work-at-home internet seller. My favorite part of this business is hearing the various stories that my customers tell me. Many have written to tell me that the item that they found on my site was something that they had been searching for a long time or that it was an item that brought back fond memories of their childhood. These are my favorite kind of emails and I am fortunate to get these regularly. Maybe I will share some of those here. They’re inspiring and the reason I continue to get a lot of satisfaction from this career.

I love old vintage ephemera: paper, postcards, books, you name it. If it’s an old piece and tells a story, I want to hear it and match it with the right customer. I’m an old piece (!) and some might say vintage, (OK, not old but middle-aged), and I have a few stories of my own to tell. You’ll read some of them here.
Enjoy. Laugh. Comment, please!

MY REVIEW: The blogger has several e-stores (on various venues) selling vintage goods. She writes about her experiences with the different e-sites as well as customers. Along the way, she comments about her life in general. She writes in a light, humorous style. For those of us not familiar with the inner workings of e-commerce, it is interesting to see how things work behind the counter. And, I imagine she has many confederates who share her pain and would cheer on successes she may have as the "little guy".

She has pictures of some of her "wares" - vintage post cards, cake decorating set, a 1957 yearbook, and piano book. The site has a few links but otherwise is very Kindle friendly.

She also goes into lessons from her cats. What is it about bloggers and their cats. I cannot tell you how many blogs I have reviewed where the blogger had a cat on staff as an editor/ shaman. But I digress. Her posts are very long, one up to 1,670 words (thank goodness for a word counter!). However, sad to say, they are also few and far between and sporadic. The last two were 2 days apart (encouraging) then before that 1 month, then 5 days, then 2 weeks. One never knows.

All in all, I like the blog, but I only wish it were updated more often. As a vendor, she should know one wants to get their money's worth and granted her posts are heavy but rare. Don't make them so vintage.

(Note that the blog hasn't been updated since March 29, 2010).

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Ann Currie publishes:
My Life a Bit South of Normal
Silver Pieces: The Strange and Peculiar

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