Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Smallmouth Bass Fishing (sports, hobbies, fishing)


MY RECOMMENDATION: Yes, with reservations

AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: Smallmouth Bass Fishing, by Matthew Leo

WEB ADDRESS: http://www.smallmouths.com/

BLOG DESCRIPTION: Fishing for smallmouth bass in rivers, lakes and streams. Includes info on smallmouth fishing techniques, where to fish, tackle selection, fly fishing, kayak fishing and boats

MY REVIEW: The site to which this blog belongs is a very nicely designed site, of great interest to the fisherperson. (That sounds so awkward. Let me just say fisherman, with the understanding that plenty of women fish as well!)

However, I'm wary of recommending the blog because it hasn't been updated since March 21. However, the posting in this blog is erratic - the author(s) seem to post only twice a month and there were no posts at all in September and October.

There are only three or four blogs available on Kindle that deal with fishing...this is one of them. It's only 99 cents a month, so if you're in to bass fishing, why not sign up just to see if the author's ever get back to it?

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-New” Gerber FliK Fish Multi-Tool Review
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