Friday, April 9, 2010

The Inspired Bride (Lifestyles & Culture)





BLOG DESCRIPTION: The Inspired Bride, where design blog meets wedding blog, is all about crafting your Big Day in a stylish, contemporary and unique way. From the smallest detail to the biggest decision, we deliver ideas with taste, innovation, and flair. Start designing your wedding with our do it yourself projects, inspiration boards, or color palettes, among our many other idea-starting posts.

MY REVIEW: This is a great site for brides to be and is updated almost daily with new ideas for everything from flowers to favors to the honeymoon. The copy is well written. The Blogger is co-editor-in-chief of Nonpareil Magazine, (an on-line only wedding magazine). The concept of the blog is to give brides more information so they can plan their weddings to reflect their taste so the end result reflects their personality, not some cookie cutter idea, that a consultant comes up with.

She realized when she was planning her wedding that most brides did not know where to start, where to go, or what to do in the fine details that make a wedding your wedding. Her posts are full of upbeat text with a wealth of content. My only concern is that the pictures are small on a Kindle, you can't see the colors discussed, and the links aren't accessible. However, it would be very handy to have this resource with you (on your Kindle in your purse) at all times when you are out shopping and making decisions for the big event.

The blog is full of useful content, however a warning to Kindle readers, there are a lot of links and color photos that you will not be able to access on the Kindle.

--Print, Pattern, and Pastry: Edible Icing from Hello Frosting
--A Sucker for Succulents
--Dreamy Dress Details: Elizabeth Dye
--The Vamoose: Gorgeous Gifts, Adorable Accessories
--Sign of the Times: Gorgeous Custom Signage from Chocolate Butterbean
--Happy Spring!
---Inspiration Week
--Color Card 083: Wine, Red, Cream, Pool, Dusty Aqua, Antique Purple
--Color Card 082: Camel, Persimmon, Butter, Pear, Yellow Green
--Color Palette: Aqua, White, Citrus Orange, Magenta

Ann Currie publishes:
My Life a Bit South of Normal
Silver Pieces: The Strange and Peculiar

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