Saturday, April 17, 2010

Doctor Who blogs

There are only three Doctor Who blogs available for subscription on Kindle. One, Watching Doctor Who, hasn't been updates since March, 2009. Another, WhoTube, is a great blog but there's no point in trying to read it on the Kindle because much of it is fan videos, episode trailers, etc, which must be watched on the web. Another blog, Allyn Gibson, doesn't even address Doctor Who, so not sure why it even shows up when you do a search.

There are a lot of very fun and most excellent Dcotor Who blogs on the web.

Check these out:

As an aside, I haven't seen the very latest Doctor Who yet, but I'm sure I won't like him. In the commercials, his face is so flat and doughy looking, and he's way too young to be the Doctor. Give me Tom Baker/ Jon Pertwee/ Patrick Troughton in that order. Colin Baker wasn't that bad, nor was Sylvester McCoy. I never did care for Peter Davison's Doctor - too wimpy. Chris Eccleston, too manic. David Tennant... perhaps if I'd never seen him as Arty Morty or whatever his name was in the Harry Potter movies....

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