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Retro Review: Tales of an Amputee Mommy



AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION PAGE: Tales of an Amputee Mommy


BLOG'S DESCRIPTION: I am a 35 year old below the knee amputee. I am also the Mommy to an extremely active 3 year old little boy. I have learned volumes since my amputation five years ago. Being a parent with a disability can be isolating for both parent and child. I am hoping to share my experiences through humor so that other disabled parents know that they are not alone.

OUR REVIEW: Tales of an Amputee Mommy is a very good blog, and an inspirational one as well. Its author, Peggy, is 35 years old. Eight years ago, she was involved in an accident that crushed her left foot. After a year or so of constant and excruciating pain, she decided to have her foot amputated. She is now fitted with a prosthetic device, and she and her husband have a three year old son.

Here’s some info from her website about the trauma of amputation:
I don't want to simplify the work necessary to recover emotionally from an amputation. It was not an easy journey. My surgeon recognized the depression and body issues and set up counseling sessions with a specialist in the field. Unfortunately, the insurance company denied the request stating that the amputation was "elective" and that I, therefore, shouldn't have emotional issues.

I was forced to maneuver through the transformation without expert guidance. I struggled with my identity as an amputee, and as an amputee woman. It took years before I could look in a full length mirror and not tear up. Although I believe I have worked through the pain and the issues, I still have bouts of "the amputation blues."

Peggy speaks of her life with a prosthetic leg, of her joy in taking care of her son, and the joy she and her husband have together, and the joy of family. Her stories will warm your heart every day (much more so than a “joke a day” would ever do.)


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