Sunday, April 4, 2010

External Blog Review Indexes Updated

I've just finished adding the last two weeks worth of blog reviews to the external blog index, which I keep at:

The blogs are divided into the ten broad categories provided by Amazon, which makes for some uneveness... I've got deaf culture, recipes and cooking and weight loss all in the Lifestyle and Culture topic, for example. I did notice a lack of entries in Industry focus, Internet and technology and News and politics, so I'll make a special effort to get more reviews in those areas.

Also I'd like to introduce a new feature - in addition to being divided by blog category, the blog reviews also now have their own single page, where they are listed in alphabetical order.

And in compiling that list, I see that I and my associate have yet to review any blogs starting with the letter Q, X or Z. So we'll be keeping a special look out for those in future.

Going forward, expect to see at least six reviews published each day... one "retro review" and five new reviews. Sundays will be "Summary Sundays" in which I list blogs in a specific category. Occasionally there will be "inactive blog updates", should an author return to an inactive blog and start writing in it again.

Most reviews will continue to be of those offered for subscription on Kindle, but perhaps one a day will be a review of a blog that is just out there in the web, that I or my associate particularly like.

I'd love to expand the scope of this blog by reviewing blogs in different languages, like French, German, Spanish... if anyone's interested in doing such reviews let me know. You would write your interview in English, and the reviews would be geared toward those invididuals who are native English speakers who want to practice their foreign language skills.

Anyone else have any ideas they'd like to see implemented? Email me at

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