Saturday, April 3, 2010

Inactive Blog Update: Candy Snob Has Been Resurrected

When I first reviewed this blog a while ago, it had been inactive for some time. Just checked it again, and there are three March entries.

So, it looks like it's active again. Give it a try.

Here's the original review:


MY RECOMMENDATION: Inactive as of December 12, 2009, but three posts in March - March 14, March 25, and latest, March 26. (The entries have links to sites to purchase chocolate, you might want to bypass the Kindle blog and go straight to the web to snap these things up!)



BLOG DESCRIPTION: A site for the candy obsessed - chocolates, gummies, jelly beans, and anything candy related.

MY REVIEW: In the don’t bother category, Candy Snob. It hasn’t been updated since December 12, 2009. I went to the website ( and its archives there go back to January 2008, so it was a well established blog. One hopes that nothing untoward has happened to the person running it. Nevertheless, there’s no point in subscribing to it. (I’ll check back periodically to see if its been revived, so you won’t have to! That’s what The Kindle Blog Report is for!)

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  • CandySnob Holiday Candy Gift Pick: Holiday Vanilla Marshmallows with Dark Choc. Coating & Red & Green Drizzle
  • CandySnob Holiday Candy Gift Pick: Let It Snow Holiday Pail

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