Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Golf (hobbies, sports)



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BLOG DESCRIPTION: EagleParBirdie.com is the golf blog for the amateur golfer. This is the place to be for news and information on the tours, golf equipment, great golf courses to play and golf instruction from some pretty talented teaching pros.

MY REVIEW: This is a good blog, but it isn't suitable for Kindle. Each entry has a "read more" link, which you have to click, and after a few seconds, if your wifi is turned on, it brings you to the website to see the rest of the entry. I've always considered this very unweildly. YMMV.

Let's Talk Golf! Eagle Par Birdie
Welcome to EagleParBirdie.com. This is a golf blog for ALL amateur golfers. And I mean ALL! What this is NOT is yet another golf column on the internet just for guys. This blog is going to be different. It's going to provide women, juniors, and all of us who are over 50 with what we need to play better, more enjoyable golf. It's going to cover different aspects of the recreational [...] Read More

Horses for Courses Eagle Par Birdie
Manuel de la Torre. Courtesy: Golf.com My most recent post on Stack and Tilt elicited a few comments. But the most eloquent came from Ed LeBeau. Ed wrote that Stack and Tilt can be traced back to the teachings of Ernest Jones who learned to play golf and then teach the game with just one leg. It happened to be his left leg and he was a right-handed golfer. So you can [...] Read More

Selling Golf In Tough Times Eagle Par Birdie
Courtesy: jameswagner.com There's a paragraph in a New York Times story today that begins "...the economy [is] facing what now seems to be the sharpest downturn since the 1930s". And if you read enough business stories, you'll find a growing number of economists who say we are entering a depression. Depressions are always characterized by deflation at their outset; the prices of things come down, sometimes spiraling down (note the price slashing of [...] Read More

Five Fantastic Golf Locations Wandalust
[...] Read More

Golf attire to face the 2010 summers - eagleparbirdie.com The RFID Weblog
Golf is a gentleman's game and you just can't attend the game wearing your normal summer tee, rugged pair of jeans and sandals. This game is not just about making impression with your technique but also the clothing line you choose. This summers you could choose your golf wear from Oxford Golf, the makers of premium golf clothing who have unveiled its 2010 golf clothing collection. First on the [...] Read More

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