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BLOG DESCRIPTION: This CIO blog is dedicated to people working or interested in the information sector. Here you'll find information about strategy, technology and the IT industry.

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Sample Post:
Filed in archive The Vision Thing by Scott Wilson on May 5, 2010
For nearly three years I've been going on about the dangers that consumerization and outsourcing to the CIO and the IT department without seeing much materialize in the market either in terms of a reasoned response or a significant impact. With budgets cut and resources constrained, IT departments and CIOs have pretty much soldiered on with the same paradigms in place under which they entered the profession and encountered the recent recession. Some adaptations have been made in some places, but none of the wholesale changes forecast by myself or others have really come to pass.

This hasn't prevented any of us from changing our tune; for my part, the forces involved seem clear, and the failure of CIOs to react with long-term vision has not done anything to deflect them. The most recent entry in this growing chorus comes from the Corporate Executive Board, which has released a report entitled "The Future of Corporate IT" which doesn't see much in the way of a traditional IT department involved at all.

The CEB looks at many of those same forces (increasing pressures for IT/business alignment, lower technology costs, and the broad availability of outside services) and comes to the bold conclusion that in five years, IT departments will shrink to a quarter their current size.

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