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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Soldier Systems Daily is the premier daily web publication covering the tactical industry. Government and Military Acquisition professionals, Industry leaders, and consumers alike rely on Soldier Systems Daily for its up-to-date reporting and in-depth analysis. Soldier Systems Daily doesn't just report Government procurement awards nor parrot press releases from industry. All information is weighed for its added value and paired with historical data to provide unmatched insight into the Soldier Systems Industry. With over 5 Million hits monthly throughout 2009, Soldier Systems Daily reaches the decision makers and consumers that make this such a dynamic industry.

MY REVIEW: There's a lot of testosterone at this blog, as it's all about the weapons industry. A lot of it was over my head...I know a bit about handguns, but this goes way beyond that. I think military enthusiasts will benefit from this blog.

Sample post
PM Soldier Weapons Issues Sources Sought Notice for Individual Carbine
May 28th, 2010
PM Soldier Weapons has issued a Sources Sought Notice for weapon capabilities to fulfill the Individual Carbine role. As promised, it is not limited to 5.56 mm but any submission must meet international convention standards and they are open to accepting foreign systems. Offerors will need to submit the typical information such as size and weight but there are a few key parameters they are also looking for. For example, there is specific interest in improvements to zero retention and zero repeatability. They are also seeking information on factory capacity and anticipating US based manufacture by year three of production. The response date is 18 June, so they are moving out on this one but it is still a sources sought and failure to respond will not restrict a company from submitting to a full solicitation should it be released. However, the information they receive now gives the program management team an idea of the state of industry and can shape at least to some degree, how the solicitation is written.

To read the entire Sources Sought Notice visit

Thanks to DMR for the heads up.

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