Thursday, June 17, 2010

This Mama Cooks! On A Diet!



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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Diet, weight loss and fitness tips, and healthy recipes the whole family can enjoy!

MY REVIEW: My own view of dieting is that all anyone needs to do to lose weight is to eat whatever they want - just do it in moderation - and ride a bike 10-15 miles a day. Of course those who aren't mobile don't have that luxury.... Anyone, this is an excellent blog - it gives recipes for delicious food that helps keep kids and parents healthy. Check it out.

--Eating healthy on a budget: Summer Vegetable Ragout from Dollars to Donuts
--A summer splurge with Holly Clegg's Burger Cake
--Flat Belly Diet Family Cookbook: Salt and Pepper Oven Fries
--Flat Belly Diet Family Cookbook: Crunchy Crust Mac and Cheese
--A Father's Day recipe from Flat Belly Diet Family Cookbook: Chocolate Stuffed French Toast
--Healthy summer grilling: meat portion sizes and Grilled Marinated Pineapple Pork
--Chop with Mashed Sweet Potatoes
--Today's edition of This Mama Cooks Healthy Posts Carnival
--Summer reading and cooking activities with Top Chef Jody Adams' Green Eggs and Ham
--Top Chef Masters' Jody Adam's Pistachio-Celery Pesto
--Healthy summer salad tips from Holly Clegg

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