Sunday, June 27, 2010

Modern Health Care Breaking News (medical science, health)


MY RECOMMENDATION: YES, with reservations

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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Modern Healthcare is the industry's leading source of healthcare business news. We report on important healthcare events and trends as they happen — not a month later. Our readers use the information to make informed business decisions and lead their organizations to success. It's for this reason that Modern Healthcare is ranked No. 1 in readership among healthcare executives and deemed a "must-read publication" by the who's who in healthcare.

The weekly print publication, combined with a robust web site and custom e-newsletters, provide a powerful and all-encompassing industry presence. We ask the tough questions and provide more than just a news report -- we deliver in-depth analysis and a look into what's happening next, so readers can understand the impact these issues will have on them, their organization and the entire industry.

The Modern Healthcare Breaking News Blog offers breaking healthcare business news from our web site.

MY REVIEW: I say "Yes, with reservations" to this blog because although it is updated on a daily basis and has lots of interesting news, all you get is the first paragraph, nothing else. Even if you go to the web, you have to pay $4.95 a month to be able to read the complete articles.

Having said that, however, I think this can be a valuable blog for people because it does keep you in the loop with the "headlines" as it were. You get enough info to know what's happening, just not enough to understand why it's happening. (IN other words you get the who and the what, but not the when, why and the where.)

Check it out and see if its of interest to you.

--Minnesota nurses set strike date: July 6
--Olympus to acquire pulmonary-device company
--Wylie named COO at EssentMore Newsmakers
--Medicaid reimbursement boost fails
--Siemens names Glaser CEO of health business unit
--Associations lament temporary doc fix

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