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Web blog de la ciudad de Culleredo, A Coruña, Spain



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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Blog de noticias, eventos, actividades, deportes, cultura del ayuntamiento de Culleredo, A Coruña, España

MY REVIEW: If you want to learn Spanish, or if you plan to visit Spain, check out this blog.

A Coruña is the second largest city in Galicia in northwestern Spain, second only in size to the port of Vigo in Pontevedra Province. The city is the capital of A Coruña Province. It had been the Galician capital from 1563 to 1982 before that role was moved to Santiago de Compostela.

Currently, the only official form of the name is the Galician one, A Coruña. Nonetheless, the Spanish form La Coruña is still widespread.

A Coruña is a busy port located on a promontory in the entrance of an estuary in a large gulf (the Portus Magnus Artabrorum of the classical geographers) on the Atlantic Ocean. It provides a distribution point for agricultural goods from the region. Although much of the heavy industry is based on the shipyards and metalworks of the neighbouring city of Ferrol, there is an oil refinery in A Coruña itself.

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