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Tiny House Design (architecture, lifestyle)



AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: Tiny House Design, by Michael Janzen

WEB ADDRESS: http://www.tinyhousedesign.com/

BLOG DESCRIPTION: Tiny House Design is focused on empowering others to simplify their lives, downsize, and create a better life built on sustainability and self-sufficiency. Among other things you'll find free plans, tiny house design concepts, and the latest simple living solutions.

MY REVIEW: According to the author, 50,000 people a month visit his blog on how to build tiny houses. And when this guy says tiny, he means tiny. There's enough room in his houses for a bedroom, a living room, and a kitchen. Do if you don't plan on having any guests over, these are the houses for you. (I could deal with it, but I'd need an extra couple of rooms for my library...)

Anyway, it's a pretty interesting blog. Check it out.

Sample post:
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Tumbleweed House Plans – Free with Book Purchase
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Jay & Steve over at Tumbleweed Tiny House Company sent me a copy of these plans to preview a few days ago and I must say… I’m extremely impressed with the professional quality of the plans and design. They are really taking their small house plans to the next level in terms of detail and overall presentation by including step-by-step 3D illustrations as well as all the framing and finish details.

The specific design is the Popomo, a tiny modern home built on an 8′ by 20′ trailer. It differs from the traditional style of many Tumbleweed tiny houses while retaining the clever interior space design. Inside the house you’ll find a bed nook on the main level (no loft), a tiny functional kitchen, and a bathroom with toilet and shower. There’s also a main living room with big glass doors that provides a lot of light and helps connect the interior living spaces with the home’s surroundings.

For a limited time you can get a free copy of Popomo Plans when you buy the Small House Book by Jay Shafer. Visit the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company website for details about the free Popomo Plans offer.

The book is 196 pages and contains 22 designs that range in size from 64 to 840 square feet. For those wanting to design their own tiny house, Jay describes 7 organizing principles and 42 design elements for efficient tiny house design.

Small House Book and the Free Popomo Plans

The book will also explain which 14 tools you’ll need to build your house, many of which you probably already own, and how to build a house for less than $20,000.

Below are just a few sample images from the 42 pages of the Popomo Plans themselves.

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--Tumbleweed House Plans – Free with Book Purchase
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